Monday, 2 February 2009

Lesson Fri 30th Jan: Fractions

Hope you enjoyed fractions not everybody does.

If you had any problems hopefully these will help.

Activity on canceling fractions - remember look for a number that divides into the top and bottom.

If the material on finding quantities of a fraction was difficult and lets face it the card activity I did needs a bit of fine tuning, then this might help. Try reading the factsheets and then trying the activity

Finally a video on adding fractions which will help anybody who had difficulties although everybody seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly. Good resource if you can bear the annoying voiceover.

Lesson Fri 23 Jan

Powerpoint on factors, multiples and primes used in class, includes LCM and HCF.

Try some Practice activities on Factors and Prime Numbers which we covered in this lesson. Remember a prime number is a number which can only be divided by itself or the number one.

There is also an activity on estimation which we covered in this class, give it a try.

Also try this activity on LCM and HCF if you get time in between poking people on Facebook.

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